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Joe Cheray

Joe Cheray is a lifelong Kansan. She grew up in Nemaha county Kansas and moved to Topeka in 1988. She briefly moved to California in 1990, but came back to Kansas after giving her first son up for adoption. She hasn’t lived anywhere else but Kansas since. No where else has felt like home like Kansas has for her.

Joe’s experiences growing up have shaped her into the candidate Kansas House District 53 needs in the statehouse. Joe will be a champion for victims and survivors of childhood abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. She grew up in a home where her grandmother was a victim of domestic violence. Her and her siblings were victims of neglect and abuse not only at the hands of their biological mom but they also suffered abuse at the hands of their maternal grandfather. Joe also endured sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. She was sexually assaulted at the age of 17 and 22. She would also end up being in two abusive relationships in her adult life. She has risen above all of this.

Joe’s experience raising a special needs son on her own has enabled her to see where the flaws in the system are that often times don’t work for the ones the system needs to work for. Joe will be a fighter for disabled Kansans in the 53rd district as well as across the state of Kansas.

Joe is the candidate to represent the 53rd house district. She will not only continue to fight for herself and her son but she will also fight for the many Kansans in the same position.

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